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Sunday, July 31, 2011

wine corks=pendants

i've found a few uses for wine corks on pinterest lately. obviously, this has led to my saving them.

so, i saw this on etsy, and thought--i should do something like that.

tonight, i did!

i started by cutting the corks.

 then i spent some time flipping through magazines and clipping. i decided to paint one of them first, just to add some color. when i found the words and images i wanted to use, i modge podged (yes, that is a verb) them onto the corks slices.

next, i used my bead reamer

to pierce a hole at the top. then, i threaded wire through them to make a pendant.
 being the perfectionist that i tend to be, at first i hated the way the wire looked. it wasn't good enough. then i remembered reading being perfect in recovery, and decided that the wires made each pendant unique. and was genuinely okay with this.

lastly, i added it to a chain. voila!

until next time,

LIVE life. LOVE yourself. CREATE recovery.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I'm here from the BHAH hop, what a cute idea! Years ago I had a tonne of corks and I cut them, but had no idea what to do next *g*