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Sunday, July 31, 2011

wine corks=pendants

i've found a few uses for wine corks on pinterest lately. obviously, this has led to my saving them.

so, i saw this on etsy, and thought--i should do something like that.

tonight, i did!

i started by cutting the corks.

 then i spent some time flipping through magazines and clipping. i decided to paint one of them first, just to add some color. when i found the words and images i wanted to use, i modge podged (yes, that is a verb) them onto the corks slices.

next, i used my bead reamer

to pierce a hole at the top. then, i threaded wire through them to make a pendant.
 being the perfectionist that i tend to be, at first i hated the way the wire looked. it wasn't good enough. then i remembered reading being perfect in recovery, and decided that the wires made each pendant unique. and was genuinely okay with this.

lastly, i added it to a chain. voila!

until next time,

LIVE life. LOVE yourself. CREATE recovery.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

get serious. again.

so, in late 2007, december 20, to be exact, my father helped me regain control of my life. it hasn't been easy. at times life downright sucks. but, i'm done with existing. i'm living. and what a great life it is!

any other pinterest addicts out there? (it's okay. i won't tell).  this site came about at a great time. i was struggling again with ED (it seems to be a shadow for a lot of us for quite a while) when my awesome co-worker told me i needed to join (i'd already seen others talking about it on facebook, but had resisted so far). she sent an invite. i signed up.

now that my adoring husband has helped me "see the light" so-to-speak, i have decided to "create recovery" through the arts (and crafts). (yes, karen, i stole your note title here. forgive me.)

what will this blog look like? not sure just yet. expect some crafts. and some art. and some ED information, resources and, on occasion, some ranting.

that's me. take it or leave it.

here's my first simple project: create an attractive way to store my brochures at work. the problem? i work for a wonderful non-profit (read: tight budget. always looking to save money. or not spend it. i feel bad ordering office supplies. i also spend a great amount of time off the clock looking for free resources. which has led my recent explosion of brochures for my clients. which is good and bad.).

after a few days of "pinning," i decided to just begin by re-purposing some snack boxes with scrapbook paper. easy enough.

a cheap (because i already have tons of printed paper, and, let's face it, snack food boxes are easy enough to come by--especially when you work with a bunch of women) and simple storage solution. i plan on labeling the sides on a shelf in my office space.  i'll update with a picture when i have more so you can enjoy all the cuteness too :)

until next time, if you want to learn more about what it's like to live with ED, i encourage you to read this awesome book (or, encourage someone else to read it).

oh, and you can read more about my story in all you in december! (i'm a little bit excited!)

LIVE life. LOVE yourself. CREATE recovery.