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Sunday, January 22, 2012

thoughtful thursday: irony

i've been absent's what happens: i get great feedback, and then get scared of posting something that isn't "perfect" or "great" or "worthy of reading by others..."

and then i have to remind myself that this is MY blog. about MY experiences, motivations, passions, etc. (is it any wonder that i am a self proclaimed "people pleaser?") you can take it or leave it. i need to post anyway. for myself.

that being said, i hate "new year's resolutions." personally, i think they are crap. one can decide to change at any just has to be judgement or standards need to be passed.

i attempted a "wordless wednesday" posting, then shot myself in the leg, earlier this week.

no resolution here. i've just decided that posting keeps me accountable, even if only to my sweet hubby who enjoys reading, i will post on a somewhat regular basis. at the least: i will consider a "wordless wednesday" and/or "thoughtful thursday" posting (though, while i HATE the thought of being so "mainstream," i value the consistency). small expectations are great for us overachievers.

try number two: thoughtful thursday 1/19/2012 (note--my computer has be jacked up all week--had to visit the apple store today--hence the publishing delay)

is it any wonder that a lady with an eating disorder would end up loving a cat like this:

insight: sometimes, it's okay to lick the bowl.

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