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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

warning: rant.

anyone else sick of the lack of common courtesy these days, or is it just me?

as a professional, it would not even occur to me to just "show up" and expect someone to be ready, willing and excited to see you at her door. no, my mother raised me better than that.

is it really too much to ask for service professionals WHO HAVE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION to actually use it?

yes, i am now a SAHM. no, this does not mean that i sit around all day as time slowly ticks by as i prop my feet up eating bon bons and watching daytime television. (seriously, daytime television is crap.)

i have a high needs 4.5 month old infant with severe reflux. what does this mean? it means most of my day is spent doing the following:
  • changing diapers
  • cleaning up spit up
  • fixing a formula bottle to supplement feedings
  • cleaning up spit up
  • breast feeding
  • cleaning up spit up
  • playing with my baby
  • cleaning up spit up
  • trying to calm baby down to sleep
  • cleaning up spit up
  • trying to convince baby that it is okay if i am not holding him
  • cleaning up spit up
  • toting baby around and attempting one handed tasks
  • cleaning up spit up
  • washing bottles 
  • cleaning up spit up
wash. rinse. repeat every three hours.

at some point, the child does fall asleep from pure exhaustion. this is when i take care of my house instead of my child with chores such as mopping up spit up residue.

when you choose THAT MOMENT to ring my doorbell and expect to track in dirt and grout dust, do not be surprised if i eventually go hood rat/trailor trash on you.

that is all.


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