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Thursday, August 11, 2011

girlfriends, yet another form of therapy

dealing with ED sucks. big time. it makes you think you aren't worth other people's time, effort, or friendship. at my lowest point, i really didn't have any friends. i was too ashamed of the way i looked and too anxious about the situations in which i would find myself.

i even lost touch with some of the best friends i have (insert shout out to my zta ladies, and a BIG one to my roommate!), and probably will ever have.

thus, those who fight the daily battle of ED often experience social isolation. ED tells us we don't need any one else. in particular, friends (read: others who truly care about your health, happiness, and general well-being).

LIES. LIES. LIES! (he is SUCH a liar!)

i attended a great baby shower tonight for a sweet lady, hosted and attended by the wives of my husband's friends, whom i have genuinely grown to love and enjoy, and now consider to be my friends too.

tonight, i was reminded again of how lonely ED can be.

it's so wonderful to have the tools to fight him.  before 2008, i would have stayed home. and would have missed out on some F-U-N!!

on another note, i discovered that my experience might help a new friend and colleague, and i look forward to the positive opportunities that may await. (you know who you are--and i love you for your honesty, effort, and support!!)

as for "creating" tonight, i stopped at hobby lobby on the way to the shower to pick up a hot glue gun (had thrown out my old one a year ago) so i could finish my latest project.

here was my inspiration (thanks, anthropologie).

and here is mine!

cute, huh? not bad for a bit of fabric, scrapbook paper, and ribbon!

to my newest friends, thanks for the good times tonight--here's to many more (which should definitely include the dude who provided the musical entertainment--only on a lower decibel because we are old and find it annoying...)--love you all!

until next time....surround yourself with those that make you smile. and love yourself.

LIVE life. LOVE yourself. CREATE recovery.

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